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Women’s Bohemian Leaf Shaped Drop Earrings


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By popular demand, meet again – the Women’s Drop Earrings. A lot of people asked for it; therefore, you can buy everybody’s favorite Women’s Bohemian Earrings once again! We will try to make every effort to keep it available for you to order as long as possible. However, hurry up with placing an order because it’s difficult to predict how long we will be able to meet the demand.

Why buy it from us?

  • High quality – if you doubt that the quality of this item is high enough, then you’re welcome to look at the feedback from our previous customers; thus, you’ll see that most of them are happy with their purchases.
  • Fast worldwide shipping – we are glad to receive the orders from anywhere in the world; moreover, we try to pack your orders as fast as possible in order to reduce the delivery time.
  • Flexible refund policy – if something bad happens to the package during transportation, you can contact our support team that will do everything in power to solve your problem, including offering a full refund.

In addition, below, you will see the detailed specifications of the Bohemian Leaf Shaped Drop Earrings, so check them out and take a decision.


Gender: Women
Material: Stone

Just take a look at these exceptional features of our Women’s Leaf Shaped Earrings! Most certainly, you’ll be astonished by its high quality and practical design.


What makes your Women’s Leaf Shaped Earrings competitive?
All our products, including the Women’s Drop Earrings, live up to the strictest requirements to quality. Apart from that, our goods are fairly priced. As a result, it makes our offers stand out from the others.

Does it have an unpleasant odour?
Due to the fact that no smelly materials are used to produce the Women’s Drop Earrings, you can put your worries to rest.

If I order your Bohemian Leaf Shaped Drop Earrings, will any extra fees apply?
The final price of your Women’s Drop Earrings includes all the possible fees and taxes, so you’ll see it on the checkout page.

It costs only US $7.95. What’s the catch?
We have done everything possible to cut down the prices for our Earrings category and we are glad to know that they seem low enough.

Did other customers like it? What did they say?
All our buyers agree it has great value for money, so we’re pleased to see them recommending this items to their friends and followers.

I’d like to leave a review. Can I do that?
Good to hear it! Customer reviews are always welcomed! So, please, feel free to share your impressions.


What if something wrong happens to my order during transportation?
We are fully responsible for your package. Therefore, we will return the money in case it breaks or gets lost.

I’m worried if all the packages will arrive at the same time if I order several units of the same Women’s Bohemian Earrings?
We may put your orders in separate packages, but all of them will arrive simultaneously, no matter how many units you’re going to order.

I want to place an order now. Can I?
There are still enough items in stock, that’s why you are welcome to place an order.

Will I receive my Women’s Drop Earrings faster if I choose a particular method of payment?
You are free to choose any payment method you prefer. However, it won’t make a difference in the shipping time.

Are you authorized? If I order my Bohemian Leaf Shaped Drop Earrings, will I get a legal product?
Our store has the full authorization to distribute all the listed products including the Women’s Drop Earrings, so don’t worry.

Is it a real store?
Thank you for the question. Please, pay attention to the feedback that our previous buyers provide us with. It clearly demonstrates our proper business record!


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